Myoscience ioverao System for Osteoarthritic Knees FDA approved

Myoscience ioverao System for Osteoarthritic Knees FDA approved

Myoscience, a California-based company, got the FDA clearance for its iovera cryoneurolysis system to be employed for pain relief and symptom in the knees owing to osteoarthritis. The supposed Focused Cold Therapy delivery system of the company forces pressurized liquid nitrous oxide (N2O) to the tip of the treatment, where it is produced to convert to a gas and become very low in temperature. The stage change occurs in tight spot, generating a precise and small treatment section that can be employed to generate a nerve blockage that ends the broadcast of pain.

Treatments are fairly quick and consequences in almost immediate reduction of the pain; thanks to a disturbance in the operation of nerve axons. This occurs without harming the nearby tissue that covers the nerves.

Myoscience ioverao System for Osteoarthritic Knees FDA approved


The ioverao treatment utilizes the natural response of the body to cold in order to cure peripheral nerves and instantaneously lowers the pain without the utilization of pharmaceuticals or drugs. Treated nerves are for the time being stopped from broadcasting signals of pain for a specific span of time, followed by a reinstatement of function. The ioverao treatment to block the pain is now approved by FDA.

The ioverao treatment works by displaying a peripheral nerve to the targeted cold. A specific cold zone is shaped below the skin, sufficiently cold to instantly avoid the nerve from broadcasting signals of pain without causing injury to nearby structures. The impact on the nerve is momentary, offering relief from pain until the nerve restores and function is regenerated.

Cold has been employed to reduce pain from the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece. Cryotherapy, or present cold therapy, has been in existence from the 1950s and is a trustworthy technology for curing pain. The ioverao system has transformed the deliverance of cryotherapy. Up till now, conventional cryotherapy treatments were persistent, utilizing big complex machines that destroyed or ablated tissue. With the ioverao system, doctors are capable of delivering controlled, accurate doses of cold temperature via a handheld, portable gadget. This simply persistent treatment is secure, and causes no harm to nearby tissues.