Iraqi Special Forces are in stand oppose IS and joined Mosul nasty against them


KHAZER: On Thursday, the Islamic State group, in relation to predawn condition, encounters heavy fire in Mosul unrest region.

Iraqi Special Forces were looking for grab nearby places in the day light.

Maan al-Saadi, Major general said, Counterterrorism Forces is superior on the Bartalla town with  the assistance of  US-led alliance airstrikes and heavy arms in the fourth day of huge operation to take back Iraq’s second-largest city.

The Special Forces are in hope to escort the way into Mosul where IS militants is ready to do ultimate fight and have to face heavy resistance in an urban landscape.

The offensive is one of the biggest campaign carried out by  Iraqi forces since the 2003 US-led attack, is hoping to be week.

On Thursday, the Kurdish forces also participating in the offensive operations, they also called as peshmerga. This is big operation announced a “large-scale operation” to the north and northeast of Mosul.

The peshmerga state in the statement, operation will be takes place in three fronts and asserts the resent achievement in to the east of Mosul and Iraqi security forces to the south.

Amer al-Jabbar, a 30-year-old soldier took part in the Iraqi Special Forces said, I am very happy to part in and I wish to take revenge of my two brothers who lost their life while for the Iraqi security forces.

He said, I had two brothers one became a martyr in 2007 and another in 2014, and I would take revenge of them and ready to die.

A powerful gun clash erupted and near about 1,000 Special Forces was going towards Bartalla and group was at about 15 kilometers from Mosul.

In 2014, the Islamic State group captured Mosul in the daylight crossways northern Iraq and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, IS leader announced the formation of a self-styled caliphate from the pulpit of a Mosul mosque.

Mosul is the largest city controlled by the extremist group and its last major urban bastion in Iraq.

Iraq’s US trained Special Forces are more able than the security forces that are fragmented into IS former to 2014 and they are responsible for freeing few cities and town in past, including Ramadi and Fallujah, in the western Anbar area.

After a month Iraqi army will complete their preparations and the offensive, operation will start. More than 25,000 forces that consist of the peshmerga, the Iraqi army, Shiite militias and Sunni tribal fighters are taking part.

The US military is attacking with airstrikes and armed gunfire in order to support operation. More than 100 US forces are set in with the Iraqis, and another 100 supporting in formance bases.

On Wednesday, Gary Volesky, Major general the top commander of US land forces in Iraq, said, in showing support to operation US Army Apache attack helicopters are striking IS targets. The operation of US attack helicopter crews brings added risk for American troops.