iPhone 6s Camera is better than what we thought

With the announcement of iPhone 6s Plus, the mobile has received remarkable admiration for its quirky camera. In spite of lesser battery capacity of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus compared to iPhone 6,  there are huge novel features upgraded in camera of Apple iPhone 6s.iphone6scam

The main features of iPhone 6s + 6s Plus’s camera are:

  1. Animated photos can be shot easily and videos can be recorded well using iPhone 6s + 6s Plus technology.
  2. The most distinguishing feature is the 12 megapixel sensor camera lenses compared to iPhone 6’s 8-megapixel sensor.
  3. A better camera and less distortion are identifiable while capturing images compared to earlier models.
  4. As per the Times, a technology site, “DLSR Style Phase” detects autofocus function is seen in the new model.
  5. Tactic feature is twice the speed than that of iPhone 6.
  6. The Straits Times claims that the Optical stabilization (OIS) technology is utilized by the camera giving recording 4K video.
  7. Optical image stabilization uses gyroscope technology, thus enhancing stability of lenses. It eliminates the out of focus issues arising while taking a snap.
  8. As per the Imatest results, focus improves efficiency on the model.
  9. The improved shutter speed in the iPhone 6s + 6s gives ultra responsive for the device.
  10. Selfies are excellent due to 5MP front camera and retina flash in the devices.  The main advantage of the front facing camera is that, while taking selfies through the front camera, faces come out, and which are rarely seen in nowadays smartphones. In addition to this, the device’s front camera is powered with booster, which increases the aperture to f/2.2, which enables the users to take more excellent selfies in low light too.

But, iPhone 6s + 6s Plus camera doesn’t provide better results in sharper lights. Excluding that, the device camera acts as a best one among the other smartphone’s cameras.

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