Here is the way to Photograph the Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse

Coming Sunday is the day of lunar eclipses. If you never ever shoot a lunar eclipse, you can try it this time with whatever digital device you own. On this day, the full moon will get totally eclipsed by umbra, which is Earth’s dark shadow core. As the moon will be at its closest point towards Earth in its own orbit, it is also known as a super moon total lunar eclipse. Photographing lunar eclipse is only a matter of time with the advent of digital cameras. lunar capture

If you want to shoot the close-up and mind blowing image of the lunar eclipse, you need at least a 300 mm telescope or a telephoto lens with 500 mm to 2000 mm focal length. Lock the DSLR’s viewfinder mirror to reduce even the smallest vibrations. It will be best, if you can use electronic cable release to operate the shutter button on your camera. Today, most cameras offer a live viewing mode in which users are allowed to see what the camera sensor sees.

The best advantage of today’s digital cameras is that you can just see what the image looks like and by reviewing it on the LCD screen, you can make necessary mode changes, which are not at all a big deal. Refocus on the image or adjust your shutter speed and try once again to get a better snap. Memory cards are now available at cheap rates so you can take hundreds, rather thousands of snaps of this rare event from your device.

However, a valuable advice for whoever will shoot lunar eclipse pictures on 27th September is that they should also spare a few moments in between shooting photos to enjoy the eclipse with naked eyes, as nothing can be compared with the beauty of the real thing. Stay tuned for more updates on Lunar Eclipse.