A hat that can read your mind

Recently, the scientists have come up with a new device that can help read one’s mind easily and at a quicker pace. The device is a next-generation hat. The hat has the power of digitizing one’s thoughts as well. The researchers are trying to enhance the concept of telepathy in the coming years.

What if telepathy becomes a reality within the next five years? It would be worth a watch. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is what currently being used to read the minds or figure out the brainwaves. The use of this technology for reading the brains is being carried out since a decade. Thus, scientist Mary Lou Jepsen from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology thought about putting the MRI technology in the wearable, for instance, a ski hat.

Jepsen basically wants the wearable device to be able to read one’s own thoughts as well as generate their output and also read the thoughts of others. Jepsen is the founder of a startup named Openwater that is lately developing the hat, which can bring telepathy into reality.

What’s so special about the hat is that it can read the brain by measuring the oxygen level in an individual’s body with the help of infrared and benign light. This is a cheaper and easier method compared to the traditional MRI technology that usually generates the images of the internal section of the brain using the magnetic fields and radio waves. The hat generates light that can integrate into the brain and give out the needed outputs. The light is not harmful but is translucent for a human body.

Thus, the hat can be used to read the brainwaves and speed up the learning, communicating, and creative process of an individual. The use of this MRI technology-based hat can be a useful device in the healthcare sector to study the brain of a patient. This cost-effective method can prove to be a boon for the people dealing with brain issues.

The next-generation hat can help use the techniques of telepathy and MRI technology in a combination and bring about a change in the brain-reading technology.###