Happy Propose Day—Tips on how to say it! :Valentines Day 2016

Propose Day Status & Messages for Whatsapp & Facebook

Propose Day Status & Messages for Whatsapp & Facebook

The countdown for the lovers week has just begun. With February 7-14 marking a week long celebration of love and friendship, we are sure you all must be waiting for it to kick off desperately.

If February 7 is celebrated as Rose Day, today happens to be ‘Propose Day’. So, all those who have been waiting with baited breath to utter those three magical words to your loved one—here is your day!

Propose Day Status & Messages for Whatsapp & Facebook

Today, we tell you how to propose to your loved ones:

Red roses

This technique can possibly never go wrong. You can woo your lady or vice-versa with a bunch of red roses on this day and utter those three magical words—I Love You! If the person you want to propose really likes you back, then this might be a good start to your relationship.

Propose Day Status & Messages for Whatsapp & Facebook

Date out

You can book a table at a nice eat-out joint; whether lunch or dinner is totally on you! Dress up like this is your best day in life and keep chivalry in mind before you say it finally! You can make your day perfect by proposing to your loved one making him/her the happiest!


Okay, this might sound a little old fashioned but think about it in another way. If your loved one happens to be the old school types, then he/she might actually like it and cherish your gesture forever. It depends upon who and what your loved one prefers. So, if he/she happens to fall in this category then confess your feelings this way. You can write a beautiful letter telling them how much you love and adore them—the magic of this day will surely let you be yourself!

Bollywood style

Well, most of us like all things Bollywood—so, here is your chance to shour out loud about what you feel for the person ala Bollywood style. Buy a movie ticket and go watch it with him/her. Do not forget to confess your feelings once the movie gets over. May be over a cup of coffee or tea for that matter. Make a choice now!

Propose Day Status & Messages for Whatsapp & Facebook

Play the music

Now, this might be a unique way of proposing to your loved one. You can gift him/her a perfect collection of music CDs which have a compilation of songs depicting your true feelings. Drop a hint, and see if you get any similar lyrics back. Try your luck—after it’s a lovers week!###