Happy Memorial Day Speeches and Activities to Do!

Memorial Day is a very important day in our lives as it is dedicated to all the people who died while serving our nation. Happy Memorial Day 2016 is celebrated to honor men and women who gave up their lives for welfare of the nation. On this day, not only we feel proud of such army officials of our country but also remember that we should not let their sacrifices go waste.

Memorials Day is the perfect day to pay respect to all the people who served our nation with full diligence. Many people may not be aware when is Memorial Day celebrated. To make people know about this day, spread messages, quotes and status on all the social networking sites. Express patriotism clearly to evoke feelings of pride and honor among others.

Here are the things that you can do to make your day more memorable.

  • Upload status on proud moments of the day on various social networking sites like facebook, whatsapp, etc.
  • Upload images of your ex – army men with the flag of nation and a few lines of their sacrifice made for the country.
  • Send Memorial day messages to remind people what had happened on this day and why they should feel pride in being part of their country.

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Just like we upload pictures, messages, speeches on some of our special days like birthday, marriage, etc, remember martyrs on Memorial day in a very similar way. Every citizen of the country should feel proud and make this visible through various social networking sites. Your speeches and quotes should be such that it should evoke feeling of patriotism in all and show pride that the country takes in its heroes.

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Post speeches of pride to evoke patriotism in all. Make sure that your message is not filled with just sorrow and has elements like love, respect, honor, etc in it. Happy Memorial day 2016###