Finally, Playstation is getting a Twitch app

Finally, Playstation 4 receives a own Twitch Application, and it looks similar to the Twitch App released for the Microsoft Xbox One. By using this Twitch app, one can broadcast a better video rather than sending the live videos. Twitch-App

Today, on TwitchCon keynote speech, the company CEO and co-founder Mr. Emmett Shear announced that Twitch application is coming to the Sony Playstation 4. The same will look like Twitch App for Xbox One and by using the application, the user can chat with other players with the help of fully integrated chat feature. He also mentioned that, the application will even support emoticons similar to various messaging applications. The application is only limited to the Playstation 4 users only, one cannot send broadcast messages to non-PS4 players from his Playstation 4 Twitch App.

By using the Twitch application, one can easily broadcast their videos in the gamer’s broadcasting channel. And also instead of using a direct messaging service, a unique chat box will be appeared for the gamers, which prevents them from missing the personal private messages. Also, the Playstation 4 users can easily able to watch the streaming videos that are broadcasted by other gamers without any hassles.

Previously, one need to share his / her video to another player, who wants to view the videos. But now, they can directly broadcast their videos and henceforth, the other can watch the video by simply accessing the channel of the broadcasting gamer.

Mr. Shear mentioned that, by using the Twitch application, the users can communicate with other users in several new ways. The new application will let millions of monthly users to communicate with each other and allows them to make stronger bonds in between the gamers.

In addition to that, Twitch Application is also coming for Oculus. This will allow the users to experience the games in a new world of virtual reality.