Facebook targets Twitter with New Tool, Signal to help People to Discover Contents


The Social Media giant, Facebook always secures a place in the news cycle all the time. Facebook is consistently making efforts in making their users to get the unique experience than other social media platforms. Now, Facebook released an all-new platform entitled “Signal”, which allows the journalists all round the globe, to discover social media contents and also to embed their contents in the platform.

So far, Media Industry believes that Twitter is the most user friendly social media platforms for the people, who use to track all sorts of breaking news. But now, Facebook introduces a new tool “Signal” to compete with Twitter, and to break all those believes by the Twitter users. This new tool will allow journalists and media users to use several ranges of web tools to find live updates on events and let them to distribute their content globally.

In company media blog, Andy Mitchell, Director of Media Partnerships posted as,

Journalists can access lists of public figures ranked by who is being mentioned the most on Facebook, including real-time conversations across Politicians, Authors, Actors, Musicians, Sports Teams, Players, and more. Using location-tag and topic-related search functionality, journalists can search Instagram for public posts related to specific hashtags, associated with specific public accounts, or tagged with locations using an interactive global map.

This is an another huge move from the Facebook, after introducing “Mentions” app. Now, with the help of both Mentions and Signal, once can easily explore the social media without any sort of hassle. The main advantage of the “Signal”, allows the journalists to get highly targeted content in their News Feed.

Facebook mentioned that the tool is entirely powered by their unique API, and also supported by third-party API such as CrowdTangle. This move by Facebook will make a hub for the journalists to discover contents more quickly than any other services.