Cuba gets into the Computer Business after its first Computer Factory Inaugurated

Some years back it was said that Cuba is 50 years behind the technological development due to political instability, social opposition, and conflicts between the citizens and the government. Now it has initiated its step towards development. In this year, Cuba signed a deal with Google for faster Internet access and now the country has jumped into computer manufacturing business.

The overall growth represents that Cuba is not just adopting the technology but actually making the technology. Cuba has been trading and exporting sugar, tobacco, and nickel.

The inauguration of very first computer manufacturing factory was held in Cuba. The facility will be built in a modernized way, which will be making latest laptops. The manufacturing facility will be also responsible for producing processors such as Celeron, Core i3, and Core i5 chips as well as 8-inch and 10-inch tablets.

However, the reason behind Haier interest in setting up the factory can be easily identified, as it would allow the Chinese giant to produce their devices comparatively at low labor cost. It has not yet clarified whether the new factory will create jobs or not, but the step can definitely make the country economically stable and would also create a prestige in the global market.

Thus, the development would probably help the country to grow and also help the nation to develop with the latest and future technological aspects.###