Chinese Secret Agents Widen Cyber Attacks in Vietnam

Chinese Secret Agents Widen Cyber Attacks in Vietnam

Cyber secret agents operating on behalf of or for Government of China have widened attacks in opposition to corporate and official targets in Vietnam. This comes at a time of elevated nervousness over the South China Sea, FireEye, the cyber security firm, claimed to the media.

FireEye claimed that the attacks took place in current weeks and it had followed them back to alleged Chinese cyber secret agents. This is based partially on the fact that a Chinese team, which it recognized earlier, had utilized the similar infrastructure previously. “Where China has frequently aimed on the government previously, this displays that they are actually striking the complete commercial segment probably in Vietnam and making an attempt to gather a wide base of data there,” claimed Ben Read, who leads cyber espionage team of FireEye, to the media.

Chinese Secret Agents Widen Cyber Attacks in Vietnam

Le Thi Thu Hang, the spokeswoman for Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, claimed that cyber attacks must be harshly penalized in line with the law and that it was significant for nations to defend their networks. Vietnam refuses permitting cyber espionage even though it has also been blamed of conducting out attacks by FireEye. Stress between Vietnam and neighboring China is at its uppermost in 3 Years over the dubious South China Sea, where Vietnam has come up as the most verbal opponent of extensive claims of Beijing. Vietnam stopped drilling of oil in offshore waters that are also stated by China under pressure in July from Beijing.

China seems anxious at efforts by Vietnam to meet Southeast Asian nations over the South China Sea and at its developing defense relationships with Japan, the U.S., and India. China claims almost the entire South China Sea, via which an expected $3 Trillion in global sale passes every year. Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and the Philippines also have claims, as per the industry sources and analysts.

FireEye claimed that the attacks in Vietnam comprised sending consumers papers in Vietnamese that seemed to be requests for financial data. A wide range of firms seem to have been aimed, comprising economic institutions, it claimed without giving exact information.


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