Arts which survived the test of time

Barovier & Toso

Time is the entity that changes almost everything comes in its way! Some improves some deteriorates, some shines some gets dull if fail to cope up with the change! Even art is not an exception to it! From Glassmaking to Kimono few families have not only saved the art but also nurtured it throughout the generations!

One of such arts is thriving on the islands of Murano in Italy! Here the company in picture is Barovier & Toso. This company is been here since 1295. Here the Barovier family began the tradition and specific techniques of decorative glass making that is being used by the company till now! One of the family members named Angelo is responsible for company’s international stardom. He discovered how to create a flawless clear transparent glass known as crystalline.

In 1936 they merged with Toso family to form Barovier & Toso. Today the copany’s creations are used by many of the world’s biggest brands from Cartier, Louise Vuitton to Seasons and Ritz- Carlton hotels.

One more such an art is of making Kimono. It is a Japanese traditional garment. A company called Chiso , founded in Kyoto in 1555, is still operating to the same exacting standards.  A Chiso Kimono typically takes 3 to 4 months to create but I some cases 18 months. The company often uses famous painters to design Kimonos.

Apart from these arts, Violins made by Klotz are the next attraction and luxury. Matthias Klotz settled in around 1685 in Mittenwald near Munich and opened a lute making workshop and later on founded the Mittenwald School of Violin making.
Violins made by this family were so great that Mozart himself composed and performed five Violin concerts and wrote the string components of much other work with Klotz.

Other than Violin , watch making is considered to be an art  worth applauding and few families like Patek Philippe are dominating the business since centuries. Founded in 1893, Patek Philippe is a Geneva’s oldest independent family owned watch making organization.###