Apple’s iPhone 6s, 6s Plus pre-order supply for launch-day exhausts

The tech giant, Apple Inc.’s pre-order supply chain for the upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which is expected to hit the market on coming Friday, got exhausted before 4 days from the release. It is one of the advantages for the company, so that it can easily analyst approximately how many sales will be done on September 28th, Monday.iphone-6s

But in the meanwhile, the same will be a bad news for the Apple fans and it is still in dilemma – whether they can pre-register their device now or not. In previous years, the company use to deliver the devices for pre-order within few days of time. But this time, the company has taken some extra time for delivering the device to the customer.

All over the launch countries, mostly the devices will be delivered by September 29th, 4 days from the release. In some other countries, the delivery might be delivered as late as October 6 for iPhone 6s and 4 weeks stretch for iPhone 6s Plus delivery. This time, the company has added lots of time for the delivery, and from this, we can ensure that the company is taking time to build its own inventory for delivering of the devices.

If you want to buy the device very quickly, then the best way to buy the device is from the retail store. Even if you line up in front of Apple Store, you can buy the device in very less amount of time. Else, you can opt for third-party provider such as AT&T and from other vendors.

In the meanwhile, the company has added a new program called as iPhone Upgrade Program, with the help of that program, one can easily pay the device in an easy monthly installments. Stay tuned for more updates on iPhone 6s and iPhones 6s Plus sales.