Ultradent Product Inc. Pioneered MTA Flow Repair Cement

MTA Flow Repair Cement

MTA Flow Repair Cement

Ultradent product inc. has launched MTA (Mineral trioxide Aggregate) Flow, repair cement created particularly for pulpotomies, pulp capping, root-end filling, apexification, perforation repair, and root organic process.

MTA Flow could be a bioactive powder and liquid-gel system residing of a very fine, radiopaque, inorganic powder of tricalcium and dicalcium salt that sets with a water-based gel. When set, the repair cement forms a layer of hydroxyapatite that induces a healing reaction. The powder and gel combination also provides the practician a spread of blending choices required for an efficient, non-gritty, easy-to-deliver MTA.

MTA Flow’s tiny particle size permits for swish and straightforward dispensation, and its proprietary gel formulation makes it additional washout-resistant than alternative MTAs mixed with water.

MTA Flow’s combining quantitative relation is labile to each procedure, permitting the practician to realize any desired consistency. Its fast setting time also makes it attainable to rinse or dry without washing away the MTA at intervals few minutes of application.