Samsung Gear IconX: Worth A Shot

Samsung Gear IconX: Worth A Shot

With the launch of Galaxy S8, users are shifting towards the purchase of Samsung Gear IconX. The trending ear buds are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Let us see if it is worth buying or not.

The company offers 3 sizes of ear tips that are rubbery in nature for personalized fit, coupled with 3 sizes of wingtips. These wingtips are used to keep the ear buds steady in your ears. Once they are adjusted properly, the ear buds just melts away into exercise experiences and music listening. They also stay decisively placed in ears, and we think that a serious accident might help them to dislocate them.

Samsung Gear IconX: Worth A Shot

The ear buds come along with the ear tips that are medium in size and are already installed. As per our experience, those ear tips offer terrible bass. But when brining in the larger pair of ear tips, they gave a very effective comfortable fit, and the response of the bass enhanced radically. Strangely, the company does not make any relations between bass response and ear tip size in its manual, and while the users are satisfied with the medium-size tips’ comfort level, it took some testing to find out that the company needs to increase the size of the ear tips for enhanced sound.

Since all wireless ear buds depend on Bluetooth technology in case of connectivity, some level of dropouts should be predictable. Fortunately, the IconX offered zero dropouts when listening music on-board, and a comparatively uncommon number when flowing music from smartphone. Streaming dropouts elevated whenever we moved smartphone often. However, these momentary disturbances, 3 times in an hour, were negligible.

The wireless ear buds from Samsung are attached with microphones, which makes them capable for phone conversations. But those microphones can also be enrolled by a related style that lets you listen to the world at great when music is flashing.

The IconX has 4GB built-in storage for music, a characteristic that you will not find in majority of the wireless ear buds. “Serviceable” memory is kept at less than 3.5 GB, but the company claims that this is still superior for about thousand tracks of music.

In short, the Samsung Gear IconX is worth a shot.