Robo-Taxi to Hit the Automotive Market Soon

Robo-Taxi to Hit the Automotive Market Soon

Taxis are a mode of transportation the people end up using most of the time. Hence, there is a need to advance the technology and amenities in the taxi. Recently, a German company has taken this seriously and come forward to bring about a change in the mode of transportation. Continental has developed a new taxi that will not only be driverless but also safe and secure in terms of passengers safety. The company has named the robo-taxi a “feel-good cocoon.”

Robo-Taxi to Hit the Automotive Market Soon

The Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE) is already carrying out trials on the roads of Frankfurt. The robo-taxi is being tested on the test tracks that have a street-style infrastructure of curbs and junctions before the vehicle hits the public roads. The taxi has been designed in order to help control the traffic issues in the crowded cities. The robo-shuttle could prove to be a savior in the long run.

The major focus is to maintain privacy and easy communication means for the passengers who otherwise would be scared to death when it comes to using the driverless vehicle for the traveling purpose. The vehicle is designed such that the interior has a very soothing experience. There are foils, upholstery, and trim materials which cover up the interiors in order to give a durable and aesthetic look. The robo-taxi surfaces are scratch and stain resistant for making the car look fresh and new all day long.

The driverless cars will have people engaged in other tasks. The robo-taxis having the driver-assistance systems and laser sensor technology in it will help operate the vehicle intelligently rather than standing in the traffic for long hours. Thus, the driverless cars will be preferred more compared to the private cars. The feel-good cocoon will be publicized at the Frankfurt Car Show from September 16, 2017, to September 24, 2017. Continental had earlier teamed up with Mobileye, BMW, and Intel for developing a semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle and similarly Daimler and Bosch had similar plans as well. Deutsche Bahn is another company preparing to start state-run railway shuttles.

Looking at most of the companies setting their eyes on the autonomous vehicles, there is no doubt 2030 is going to see the rise of driverless transportation.


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