Rise in the Sale of Linksys Velop Boosts the Wireless Mesh Network Market

Linksys Velop

Recently, Linksys launched its cool product—the Linksys Velop. Velop is used for making your home fully covered with Wi-Fi. The traditional router is not able to provide the range or single is each and every corner of the home. Hence, users used to be glued in a single room. But this has stopped since the use of Linksys Velop. This increased the sale of the Linksys Velop indirectly boosting the global wireless mesh network market. But why do people prefer the wireless mesh network. Was Linksys alone responsible for the growth of the global market? Well, we guess not!!!

 Linksys Velop

Another main reason as to why the global wireless mesh network market has boosted is the cost effectiveness. The cost that is needed for the set up as well as the Internet connectivity charges is very affordable and cheap. This can be afforded by the common man easily. In addition to this, the rising digitalization all over the globe is the main reason for the escalation of the global market. Governments of various countries are promoting various campaigns and projects that help in the digitalization of the country. These government norms are one of the significant factors that are responsible for towering the global wireless mesh network market.

Seeing the darker side of the situation, the online security is the main concern. Increased cases of online attacks, online theft, identity theft, and online frauds have let the people think twice before opting for Internet connection. This has indirectly affected the global wireless mesh network market in a negative way. In addition to this, rising Internet addiction also plays an important role in hindering the global market. This Internet addiction is mostly seen in population of young age.

Well, the global wireless mesh network market has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is up to us as to what we take from it.###