Place Your Foot to Modern Technology In 2016


Nowadays, the modern technologies are countless based on their improvement and welcoming with the customers. There are many smartphone devices show their development in the technology in that way both the LG and Samsung releases many. The advanced technology in both the LG and Samsung smartphone’s build their camera technology for the efficient customers. The Samsung releases the new model of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Both the models under the Samsung S series and it achieve the best smartphones than other firms. The two models pledge the best in camera photos in any condition of low-light. It captures the exact photo of an object with clear through the advanced sensors.

In the next new one of LG G5 enters the best smartphone with two lenses of rear camera. It gives the ultra camera quality shot in any angles you can take the camera with effective all objects in a single shot. The LG G5 can become the number one smartphone with two rear camera lenses and other advanced features. Both the firms will release many accessories related to camera. The Samsung achieves the best in quality of both smartphone features as well as now camera with 360-degree to enjoy your party or other events with a clear images. The company will make the smartphones cases with a special advanced technology of camera lenses such as fisheye views and wide angle views.

The LG Company reveals a fine VR headset with a light edition of Samsung’s Gear VR. The smartphone with an attachment of camera grip functions through a physical button to capture a clear shot and control your video recording. The LG comes with a new design and a good hardware features. Most of the people turn their focus to the low-priced smartphones with some features. The high-ended smartphones show in Spain, Barcelona and soon approach in the global smartphone both LG G series and Samsung S series. With other company start battle to provide the advanced features with low-price along with pulls the customer focus into the world.

Both series are unbeatable features and also a price of the phone is immense but it not means that the price is based on their features. The capturing of photos are in low-light both the meets the same picture quality with enhanced pixel rates. The camera features allow the user to capture an image at wider angle and in whatever low-light. It improves the picture quality from blurring and other unclear shots. The two phones price will differ through carrier as well region. In upcoming days, the Samsung will release the Gear camera 360, a device through both front and rear lenses to stitch both the ability of 360 degree videos and apps. Samsung phones are now become the new trend to use the advanced features of Gear camera technology and videos. Stay update for both the phone releases to enter the modern technology of sophisticated lifestyle than ever smartphone performances.