Outlook app by Microsoft now has redesigned contact card and editing

Yes, the wait is over as Microsoft has upgraded its Outlook app. The new update will enable the user to edit contacts. Additionally, now the user can also view and add contacts in a completely refurbished contact card to avail with more information such as shared files & latest conversations, besides the simpler messaging and calling. All you need to do is just head toward the App Store and download the update for Outlook.

For, Office 365 and Outlook.com accounts on iOS, the user can now edit and add contacts. Google contact is not supported for now but will soon be. All the user needs to do is go to the People tab and hit on “+,” so that a new contact can be created in the app. A contact can be added straight away from a calendar event, a message, or a directory of a company by clicking the name of the individual followed by a click on “Add Contact.” Once you create the contact, it can be edited whenever needed with the use of option “Edit,” which will be synchronized through all Outlook versions.

Even the new contact card has been added to the Outlook with additional features, which will display the details of a contact on the forefront. By just tapping the name of the contact will reveal multiple data such as mobile number, contact picture, Skype ID, and email address. Also, other 3 option are presented, namely, message, FaceTime, and call when you click on the phone number of a contact. The new contact card will also display shared attachments, mentions, recent conversations, and any forthcoming appointments with the individual.

Apart from this, the Outlook contacts can be saved by the users to the default Contact app on their smartphones. So, whenever the user receives a messages or calls from anyone, they will have all the information. If any changes are made to the Outlook contact, it will be reflected in the phone contact as well through single-way synchronization with Outlook app. Nevertheless, modifications done to the contact in a phone will not be reflected in the Outlook contact.

Even though the new update will be rolled out only for iOS, for now, Android too will be soon availed with the update.###