New Static Analysis Method: Find Security Fault In Web Apps

New Static Analysis Method Find Security Fault In Web Apps

New static analysis system developed by MIT researchers, which can helps to find security flaws in web apps. This system can quickly examine through tens of thousands of lines of application codes to find security flaws in popular web apps.

It takes no more than 64 seconds to analyze any given program. The new system uses a technique called static analysis that search for to describe in easy way how data errors through a program.

Daniel Jackson (From MIT) said,” The classic example of this is if you wanted to do an abstract analysis of a program that manipulates integers, user might split the integers into the positive integers, the negative integers, and zero”.  “Most work on static analysis is focused on trying to make the analysis more scalable and accurate to overcome those sorts of problems”, he added.

Researcher recognized different ways in which Web applications which control access to data. Some data are available only to users who are currently logged in, some are private to individual users and some administrators have authority to access everyone’s information. The cost of accuracy is depending on web application.