New drugs can provide better treatment against kidney, skin and lung cancer

Doctors can be more hopeful of saving an individual caught with Cancer owing to the two new drugs that have been introduced into the market recently. To be precise, the two drugs are expected to provide huge relief to the individuals suffering from Kidney Cancer, Skin Cancer and Lung Cancer. According to the reports, the drugs have been tested at various points and have been successful in providing better results in literally all of the cases.cancer-drug-nivolumab-opdivo

Nivolumab is the one of the two drugs and is used for helping out individuals with Kidney Cancer. The drug works in tandem with the immune system of the body and helps the patients to Kidney cancer in a much effective manner. The drug supposedly works much better compared to the standard therapy provided by Everolimus, the most commonly used drug in cases of Kidney Cancer.

On the other hand, Opdivo can be stated as a boon for the individuals suffering from advanced staged Skin cancer and Lung Cancer. According to the reports, the drug Opdivo has had great results when it was tested across several clinics with patients suffering from advance staged Skin and Lung Cancer.

According to the doctors, the result that both the drugs have had on the patients are beyond levels of expectations and is considered to be a huge step towards completing curing advanced staged cancer in the patients.

The test conducted for the trials of the drugs was done in separate clinics for more than 800 patients. The result that the doctors have had was much better than what has been seen in the past with the use of everolimus.

The experts believe that with Nivolumab and Opdivo, the deaths owing to Kidney, Skin and Lung cancer can be reduced to a great extent. Opdivo is a form of Nivolumab, which in turn gives the hint towards connection of all forms of cancer.

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