Netgear R6080 and R6120 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Routers Rolled Out

Netgear R6080 and R6120 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Routers Rolled Out

Netgear has rolled out 2 latest dual-band routers named R6120 and R6080, having a price tag of Rs 3,200 and Rs 2,700, respectively. Wi-Fi routers with 5 GHz band and 802.11ac are 3x quicker than the current Wi-Fi routers with 802.11n and will permit consumers to experience faster speed of Internet while streaming videos with HD quality or at the time of playing game. The Netgear R6080 is a dual-band AC1000 (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz) router coupled with Wi-Fi speeds of almost 700 Mbps and has a price tag of Rs 2,700 whereas the R6120 is a dual-band AC1200 (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz) router as well but with an utmost Wi-Fi speed of almost 900 Mbps, which is having a price tag of Rs 3,200.

Netgear R6080 and R6120 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Routers Rolled Out

The Netgear R6120 and R6080 both boast 10/100 Ethernet ports. Out of this, all of them are LAN ports expect for one, which is a WAN port. The R6080 only boast an 8 MB of in-built flash memory whereas the R6120 contains 16 MB of internal memory and it also contains a USB 2.0 port to link external gadgets such as storage devices or other printers.

Both routers provide WPA2 or WPA options of security, so if there is an unknown device making an attempt to link to the similar network, it will without human intervention redirect it to a different network. This will prevent the loss of private information on the hard drive or any admission to the home network, which is linked to the device.

To make stuffs simpler, the routers comes with genie app of Netgear, which allows consumers to effortlessly add more devices, arrange the router, control and connect the home network from any gadgets (iOS and Android both), and monitor the speed. Both routers will be accessible in the country beginning from this month all over the authorized retailers of Netgear.

So friends, the two new Netgear routers are indeed a treat for those who are in search of a fast and efficient router for their homes. So hurry up and start planning of buying one as soon as it launched in India.


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