Micromax to strike back in Diwali

Seeing the current condition of the Indian smartphone manufacturers, it seems that they are not doing so well so far. Micromax is also one of them and hence they are looking for different industry to flourish. Let’s see what Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Micromax, has to say about this situation.

You have been conspicuously absent from TV over last six months or so…

We have spent some thousands of crores on the DNA of brand Micromax. Everyone in India knows what Micromax is. We are not a sprinter. We are marathon runners. When rivals were burning money in luring consumers and on an advertising blitzkrieg, we consciously took a step back to understand what is going on in the market rather than simply follow the herd to gain momentum. We had the choice to burn money and end up burning the organization. We saw this happening with other companies like LeEco.

Now Chinese players are ruling the roost…

I think we have seen enough of it and it’s not Chinese versus Indian. Now we have a lot of phones which we are launching in the market with a differentiation and innovation. We will never abandon our plank of innovation.

Mobile handset is the most hotly contested industry across the world. Names will keep changing, competition will remain, but the top two players will stay Samsung and Micromax as long as we don’t reach the top. The numbers will speak for themselves. We have started gaining momentum and by Diwali, we will be back with a bang. Wait for Diwali dhamaka, Indian Bahubali will strike back.

Was it a right move to have Hugh Jackman as an endorser?

Absolutely!!! Hugh Jackman is an integral part of Micromax and our relationship is still open. Based on our portfolio and market demand, we plan our marketing and we are really smart at that. Going forward as well, we won’t just hire a brand ambassador and paint the town with their photos. It is much more than that, it’s about building connection, it is about what makes the brand stand out. So, if the need be, we will continue to have brand ambassadors, one or many.

Now you have Anil Kapoor to endorse ACs…

We signed Anil Kapoor because AC is more of a home product. AC is a family thing and as a family man, Anil Kapoor is just awesome.


Let us know if these methods will work out for the company or not!!!###