Indian Railways ‘Warn’ Selfie Lovers

Indian Railways 'Warn' Selfie Lovers

The Eastern Railway officials issued guidelines and requested to travelers to be careful just after the incident when the craze of taking selfie inside a running train led to the loss of lives of various youths.

An employee of the railway said they have by now introduced operations in television, print, and social media to make travelers alert of the jeopardy of employing smartphones while traveling. In a terrible turn of actions, a young boy floored down from a running train from Bali to Liluah railway station while he was making an effort to take a selfie last week. Four of his associates were knocked by another train while hurrying to the place of accident.

Indian Railways 'Warn' Selfie Lovers

As per the resources and the eyewitnesses, the 4 friends started running as soon as they got down at Bali station via the railway track. As they had no idea, a speeding train hit them down. This resulted in death of the 3 among the 4 on the spot. The 4th one was saved but with major injuries.

“We have introduced laws and operations in different media platforms advising people not to listen to music or employ a smartphone while crossing the tracks and not to take photographs while on journey,” said Rabi Mahapatra, chief officer of public relations for Eastern Railways, when addressing to the media.

Rabi Mahapatra also stated that photography is “severely forbidden” on trains and inside the railway station premises without former permission; he tipped off travelers about the severe action that will be taken if the rules are broken.

“Taking selfie inside the carriages and the railway stations is always severely forbidden since these are believed to be classified areas. Nevertheless, with the appearance of smartphone with cameras, users often make themselves busy in taking selfies,” explained Mahapatra.

“We have fined and detained various travelers in the past for not following the rules. Our RPF officials are trained to observe the travelers and seize anyone taking selfies within the compartment of the train. Anyone not following the rule would be fined,” he added.

Well, this is a good move taken by the railway authorities and hope it will shred some wisdom within the people.