Sat. May 21st, 2022

Alzheimer’s disease that causes generalized degeneration of the brain is a progressive mental deterioration phenomenon that occurs in people who belong to the middle or old age. With an intention of battling against this appalling disease, people from Huntington on Saturday got down onto the pavements in order to raise awareness among the general public, and raise money required for the research notwithstanding the bleak weather.ALZHEIMERS

They claimed that it was time when people came out and fought for the honor and awareness of people fighting this disease. This event also massively helped by raising an amount that accounted to nearly hundreds of millions of dollars to the Alzheimer’s Association. Thousands of people gathered to support and help the sufferers of the disease and also to spread the message on how one could cope with the disease once affected.

The events comprised of an initial Promise Garden ceremony along with the uptown concert series and this was followed by a tribute to all the people who suffer this disease. This primarily was an initiative to end the Alzheimer’s disease by conducting this stepwise awareness movement. This walk cum awareness movement was first started in the year 1989 in order to raise money for care and research for those troubled with the disease. Every year, the money sanctioned goes to the needy and helps cut down the number of people affected by Alzheimer’s by the growing research, study correlated with this dreadful disease.

The Alzheimer’s association is said to be the world’s leading voluntary health organization, which provides health support to those affected by the Alzheimer’s. The disease is incurable and is said to affect a person every 68 moments in the United States. With the yearly walk that happens in the United States, people are unitedly trying their best to obliterate the disease as best as they can.

By Zaveeth Aslam F

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