Government Divisions Get Green Signal to Design Apps Via Startups

Government Divisions Get Green Signal to Design Apps Via Startups

The government of the state has subjected an order requesting all divisions to approach startups for designing mobile applications for their certified projects. These startups must be cleared by the KSUM (Kerala Start Up Mission) or registered in the state. This data was provided by the two sources having deep knowledge of the matter to the media in an interview.

According to the order, the government has authorized direct acquirement of mobile apps from the list approved by KSUM up to a price of Rs 5 Lakhs. The government had put forth this bid under the term that a purchasing executive can obtain not more than 2 mobile apps in a given fiscal year from a single startup.

Government Divisions Get Green Signal to Design Apps Via Startups

Agencies and departments can obtain a mobile app (product) or get a mobile app designed or a mobile interface added to a current web app for service delivery or for intra- and interdepartmental use.

“The startups do not require to be working at the KSUM. They have to be enrolled in the state and meet up the factors obligatory for a startup company. Most of the few divisions are already making apps, some for updation and internal communication and others for external communication with various groups of users,” claimed Saji Gopinath, director of KSUM, to the media in an interview.

He claimed that already various divisions are tiling apps as fraction of e-governance. “The division to begin with recognizes the need of a mobile app (products) or requirement to design an app for them. If the application is readily obtainable with a startup, the division can go for straight purchase (without or with customization). This is done only if the app has already been calculated by the technical board and approved by KSUM with price, features, support cost, service level, and much more,” he further added to his statement.

If the mobile app is not calculated by KSUM, the division may seek KSUM announcing intention for support and purchase. The assignment will also calculate financials, proposals, and much more factors as well as propose suitable startups to the division, claimed the above mentioned sources.