Wed. Nov 30th, 2022
Google Introduces Sync and Backup for Windows and Mac

Google has introduced out its Sync and Backup desktop application for Windows and Mac platform. The search major has completed his promise that it made last year of providing the new technique. This technique substitutes the current Google Drive and Google Photos desktop uploader for the desktops.

The Sync and Backup desktop application from Google will take back up of all the photos and files in the Google Photos and Google Drive of the users. The consumers just require to choose the folders they need the files to be synchronized with. The firm is currently giving just 15 GB capacity with free accounts on the Drive to use the Sync and Backup feature.

Google Introduces Sync and Backup for Windows and Mac

The consumers can utilize the latest tool to take backup of photos from both SD cards and USB-connected gadgets. In an authorized blog post, the firm claimed, “It is a speedier, simpler, and more dependable method to defend the photos and files that have a lot of importance to you.”

Lately, Google rolled out a new “panic mode” for Android customers that will defend them from such malware and apps.

Panic mode is being rolled out to give definite fortification from rogue apps. The panic mode helps the consumers from getting out of any nasty application by taking them back on the home screen and operates in the background. The mode operates when the consumer clicks on the back button frequently without any gap. Android then recognizes that action and takes precedence over the app and brings the consumer back on the home screen, where they can remove or uninstall the app immediately.

The tech major did not declare the feature in public, but was covered within the source code of Android.

Well, Google seems to be taking a deep interest in protecting the files and photos as well as other sensitive information of the users. First the “panic mode” and now Sync and Backup desktop application for Windows and Mac platform! One thing is for sure that Google do care for its users and it has proved it time and again. The company also plans to launch further similar apps in future.

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