Fog Catchers Can Help Harvest Water

Fog Catchers Can Help Harvest Water

Water scarcity problem is something the world is facing today. A difficult question to answer is—Can the scarcity be overcome? However, the conservation of water and limited water utilization can help bridge a solution. The researchers across the globe are, thus, straining their gray cells in order to find a better option for the water conservation. The researchers are developing innovative technologies in order help save the water.

Fog Catchers Can Help Harvest Water

Dar Si Hmad thus came up with a system called the fog catcher. For this device and the overall project, he was awarded the “UN’s 2016 Momentum for Change award”. The fog catcher system was first developed in South America and later was used in regions such as Chile, Ghana, South Africa, Eritrea, California, and Peru. The project was set on a scale on the slopes of the Mount Boutmezguida in Morocco. The water of about 6300 Liters was generated from the microclimatic region.

The system has a long stretch of mesh nets tied up across a large area on the slope which captures the fog and then transfers the water on the tray kept below after the condensation process. The water obtained using this system is pure, clean, free of cost, and very instant. Though the system cannot afford to supply water to the whole village, it can at least provide 160 people with water per day. No matter how small the project is, but it can help generate water, which is an important point to be taken note of.

The fog catchers can prove beneficial for a small community in the water scarce regions.


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