Confirmed: iPhone 6s Plus Battery Capacity is Smaller Than iPhone 6 Plus

As early as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus by Apple got announced in September 2015, technocrats are having butterflies flying in their stomach to know the specifications these phones are launched with. To utter surprise, the battery capacities of these newly launched iPhone 6s Plus are comparatively lesser than the iPhone 6 Plus model. It keeps everyone miffed as to why the battery capacity is compromised?iPhone 6s

According to the official announcement by Apple, both the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus possess similar talk time and surfing as iPhone 6 model. Recently, as per the reports of Apple.Club.TW, China website, the leaked images of battery specification of iPhone 6s Plus, revealed that the battery capacity of iPhone 6s Plus is 2750 mAh.

But, the battery capacity of iPhone 6 is a 2915 mAh battery which is 5%-6% (1,810 cell) higher than iPhone 6s Plus model. The probable assumption behind this might be the haptic technology introduced in iPhone 6s model. One has to accommodate the new 3D Touch display options taking lesser space and giving better results than the earlier model.

As per the Wall Street Journal reports, other than battery life, iPhone 6s Plus has 20 minutes more battery improvement than the previous iPhone 6 model. Now, coming henceforth to detailed specification of the iPhone 6s Plus, 20 nm Cat 6 LTE modem, RAM is 2GB, HD videos are far better- 11 hours playback, 50 hours of audio faster internet usage (up to 12 hours on 3G), standby time of 10 days and multitasking was improved noticeably.

A9 SoC chip processed under 16nm FinFET/14 nm FinFET process are far more efficient than A-8 chips and better battery saving mode. It’s an exceptionally challenging matter, which only time will give the answer whether such battery modifications had made by the Apple proves boon or curse for them.