CO2 Emissions Remain Low since Three Consecutive Years

CO2 Emissions Remain Low since Three Consecutive Years

Due to the rising global warming concern and stringent government rules and regulations, there is a control over the carbon dioxide emission by the industrial sector. The control in the emission rate will not only help save the planet Earth but also the human race.

CO2 Emissions Remain Low since Three Consecutive Years

According to the International Energy Agency, since last three years, there seems to be no increase in the carbon emission rate. If the previous year data is taken into consideration then the emission from the energy sector was 32.1 Billion Tonnes and it still continues to remain the same. However, the growth of the energy sector continued to reach heights, that is, it showed a 3.1% increase in the overall global energy market. The reduction in the emission rate was mainly possible due to the raising energy efficiency usage and switch from non-renewable to renewable sources for power generation.

In the U.S., the carbon dioxide emission rate dropped down to about 3% whereas its economy grew up to 1.6% due to the increasing shale gas supply and other renewable sources. The U.S. economy growth has been rising to about 80% and above while its emission rate is reducing. China also showed a 1% decrease in the carbon dioxide emission rate by initiating its power manufacturing companies to shift from coal and wood to renewable sources such as solar, wind, and others. In China, the demand for renewable, nuclear, and natural gas to generate power is increasing which in turns boost its economy. Also, the stringent government norms followed in China to curb air pollution helps propel the green energy use. European region also tends to show stability in the carbon emission rate and also an increase of about 8% in the demand for gas supply and decrease of about 10% in the coal demand. The U.K. industries also transition from coal-based to gas-based industries which in turn boost the power sector.

Though the carbon emission rate has been curbed since last three years, but to overcome the already existing caused climate change due to the previous carbon emission is the biggest hurdle nowadays. Therefore, a number of technological advancements are being made to help save the Earth.


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