Battle of the voice assistants—Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is held just after a few weeks when the tech giants Facebook, Google, and Microsoft hosted developer conferences individually. It also came following the when Amazon introduced its hottest devices powered by the Alexa assistant—the Echo Look and Echo Show.

The tech giants are focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) as a major way to interact with the devices ranging from smart phones to smart speakers. Artificial intelligence is software that enables machines act like humans in a more dynamic way. AI often is seen in friendly voice assistant forms such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Moreover, Samsung—which has been often struggling with software—has Bixby, its own assistant.

Digital assistants are amazingly designed so that they can respond to our spoken commands such s tell us about the weather OR call a cab OR simply put the phone on airplane mode. Same is the case of smart speakers; they can do some things for you such as adjust the lighting of your living room, order a pizza for you, or even close the garage door for you.

Though Siri was launched in 2011 along with iPhone 4S, it had difficulties growing. It was just last year that Siri was able to work with other apps (third-party), and it yet is able to respond to only specific commands, in other words, it gets confused.

Talking about the Google Assistant, when asked what is on the calendar and further have it texted to the person you will be meeting later to inform that you will be late, you just don’t have to start all over again. Google remembers the very first question, like a real human being.

Alexa by Amazon has over 10,000 “skills,” or you can say third-party apps that allow you manage your home appliances OR play music via Spotify on one of the Echo devices.

“As Siri was the first of its kind, we hope she should far better than she is,” said Carolina Milanesi—Creative Strategies analyst.

This year at WWDC, Apple is anticipated to advance Siri as well as launch a smart speaker based on Siri. The device will apparently highlight sound quality and work with various other products of Apple. It is also anticipated to aid people control their smart home appliances.###