ASUS introduces the very first Windows 10 Laptop

Asus Windows-10-laptop

Asus Windows-10-laptopASUS one of the famous brands of the techno field is going to soon launch the very fresh technology Windows 10 with its premium Laptop along its leader the “ZenBook UX305LA”.  The latest Laptop will provide the new capabilities with the Operating System Windows 10.

The new ultra book is mechanized by a high scale of immense performance Intel processors. The Intel processors that are going to be used in the Asus Laptop are the Core M, Core I versions i.e. the Core i5 and Core i7. Thus, this Laptop will be available in several colors such as white, black and gold.

Currently, the ZenBook UX305LA is accessible with the processors Intel Core i7 in the market but at the end of the year the same model will be accessible with the Intel Core i7 processor version in the market. This model will be built with the features that are it will have the 8GB RAM and smart 2.4GHz fifth generation Intel Core i7 processor.

The latest UX305LA models will be available with the more features in the market soon, the features will be such as the fastest task doing ability, high-speed 512GB SSD storage,  less booting time and the instant application loading. In addition it will have 13.3-inch screen display and the screen resolution will be 3200×1800 + HQD.

The ASUS uses the new design technique for its latest Laptops. The new technique is of thermal management which helps to maintain the temperature and heat in the system. The new UX350LA works fastest and also function smoothly but it doesn’t get warm. The heat is managed by the thermal technique and also doesn’t require any cooling fans.

AUSUS tries to reach the bottom line of comfortability of the users.  Thus, it made the ultra book with very low weight keeping it to 1.3 kg only.###