An app that can help the blind see

Blind can now visualize the things around them using an app. Microsoft has come forward to help the blind see through the eyes of the phone. The company has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to make the app for the blind. The iPhone app will be able to tell the users what is present around them.

The blind just has to download the camera-based app and move it in the direction of the things to be viewed and the app will narrate the scene just as it looks. For example, if the phone is pointed at a park then the app will narrate the things seen in the park. Microsoft has named the app as Seeing AI. The app can also let one know the price to be paid mentioned in the bill. Amazing, right?

The app has been designed such that holding the camera in the direction of the object will let the blind know about the things in just a few narrations. The app helps the blind have the visual experience with the help of the audible information. The app is free for the visually impaired individuals. The AI used to design the app has the power to explain text, object or people in detail. However, the need for a slight vision is important so as to scan the barcode when needed. Microsoft plans to look into the matter along with the help of Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Seeing AI is a free app that narrates the world to the blind. It can prove to be the eyes for the blind in the long run. Like Microsoft, the other tech companies including Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple have also started their projects on helping the visually impaired community.

Helping the blind see is something the tech-based companies are looking forward owing to enhancing advancements in the technologies. The app can prove to be a savior for the blind in terms of visualization and cost as well. The app has been made available by Microsoft for the people in Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, India, Canada, Singapore, and the U.S. It looks like the other countries have to wait until it is made available.###