Alcohol Triggers The Breast Cancer Causing Genetic Material


Every year, 10 thousand people can suffer for the breast cancer in the United States and the Europe countries for taking the alcohol. This will be risk for the women and more side effects are also to be created for consuming the alcohol. The new studies and the researches are explained the alcohol, estrogen and the cancer causing agents are directly linked to each other. This research can be taken for the Cancer Biologist in the UHT (University of Houston in the Texas. This team can collect the information and to prepare the report about the breast cancer and the alcohol connection.

In this year there are 230000 United States women are suffered by the breast cancer. Mostly the breast cancer can cause death to the patients. This will be mainly originated for taking the alcohol. The alcohol will create the risk to the breast cancer. The sense report of the United States explains there are fifty percentages of the women can take the alcohol and to suffered from the breast cancer. The researchers can collect the information about the growth and the effect of the alcohol for the causing of the cancer. The little amount of alcohol is good for the health and this cannot cause any problems to the health. The alcohol is the cancer causing agent, this directly link to the breast cancer causing gene and this can activate the gene.

The breast cancer patient behavior and the health can be damaged severely. The alcohol can change the behavior and the activities of the patients. This cannot be good for the health. Nowadays there are 50 percentage of the women can consume alcohol. The half of the women for every year can be affected by the breast cancer. The alcohol is to develop the estrogen and to drive the breast cancer for the patients. The alcohol increases the growth of the cancer cells and the breast cancer cells are directly affect the breast and this can cause death to the women.

This will be the dangerous disease. The alcohol not only activates the breast cancer causing agents. This will also activate all the type of cancer gene. The can creates the path for creating the cancer cells in the body. This will be mainly affected the women hormone and the other tissues of the women. Most of the women are suffered for this type cancer.