96% Indians at Risk While Utilizing Public Wi-Fi

96% Indians at Risk While Utilizing Public Wi-Fi

An enormous 96% of Indian users put personal data at jeopardy at the time of using public Wi-Fi for sharing personal videos and photos as well as checking bank accounts. This data was published in a report by Symantec and Norton last week.

As per the “Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report 2017” by Symantec, users are not able to refuse to go along with a free, strong Wi-Fi network. And this online behavior of theirs may be keeping their personal data at jeopardy.

96% Indians at Risk While Utilizing Public Wi-Fi

“There is a profound divide between the reality and what users believe is secure when it comes to employing public Wi-Fi,” claimed Ritesh Chopra in an interview to the media. Chopra is the Country Manager of Consumer Business Unit at Symantec.

“What someone believes is personal on their private device and can effortlessly be authorized by cyber attackers via apps with privacy vulnerabilities or even unsafe Wi-Fi networks,” he further added while speaking to the media.

The report claims that 73% of Indian users will swap or do something for a sturdy Wi-Fi signal comprising viewing a 3 minute ad (35%), to something as dangerous as permitting authorization to personal photographs (22%), personal emails (19%), contact lists (19%), online dating profiles (16%), and giving access to authorize and even edit personal profiles at social media (19%).

The survey also exposed that 31% Indian users utilize public Wi-Fi for viewing suggestive or explicit contents, of which 49% disclose to doing so at hotels and 44% in office.

The study, which comprised more than 15,000 users in 15 nations, noted that around half (48%) of Indian consumers have authorized Wi-Fi without the permission of the owner of the Wi-Fi network.

The report gives specific steps to make sure the safety over the web that comprises looking for “HTTPS” (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and utilizing Virtual Private Network (VPN) in the web addresses while giving a visit to a website.

Well, as mentioned above, Indian users can go to any limit when it comes to accessing free and strong Wi-Fi. So friends, if you see any free Wi-Fi, be sure to use it carefully.