50 Million SMBs seek to move to Microsoft’s cloud

As more than 50 Million SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) in India seek to shift to a safe Cloud, Microsoft. The company, with its “end to end” schemes with “New Age” abilities, is set to assist them adopt and evolve an intelligent Cloud, claims Anant Maheshwari, Microsoft India President, to the media in an interview.

Maheshwari, who thinks that nearly each firm will ultimately turn out to be a software at some point of period with the 4th revolution in the industry, an intelligent Cloud will plan their digital voyage. There are huge companies that will have devoted teams, an infrastructure, and resources for adoption of Cloud.

“And then, there is a huge amount of SMBs and in our country, these SMBs might even incline to comprise most of our listed firms on our share exchanges. A study summarizes that it is developing to value for 50 Million. I am not going to gamble on that figure. Even if it is 55 or 45 Million, I do not think the plans will modify in terms of what steps you take to shift on to Cloud,” Maheshwari claimed to the media in an interview at the time of a free-wheeling chat at office of Microsoft last week.

Microsoft all over the world, comprising in India, has been exclusively positioned and has carried out a lot of job over the past 40 Years to make a huge partner bionetwork that is catering SMBs.”Microsoft consists 64,000 Cloud associates all over the world and, merely as a matter of viewpoint, which is over the total amount of associates the next 3 companies jointly have. So that is the type of power that the company has in terms of just collaboration with partner,” Maheshwari claimed further in his statement.

“In India, we contain 9,000 associates and via them, we get to cater to over 250 cities,” he further added. As per a recent joint study by ASSOCHAM-Deloitte, acceptance of enhanced business digital techs can result to rise in employment by almost 84%, rise in incomes by almost 27%, and advanced access to global markets by almost 65% for SMBs.###