Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Zomato, the online restaurant search and food delivery firm, said that it is looking forward at Unified Payments Interface (UPI) as an alternative for payment on its service and also will be adding support for it in the coming period, joining the mounting listing of firms that are adding UPI payments platform, introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

Zomato, in a statement, it is keen to allow UPI for its customers, however, at the moment is waiting for an upgrade from NPCI that is intending to further enhance interoperability on its interface. A spokesperson from Zomato said, “What that denotes is that customers should be capable of accomplishing transactions from a single application, irrespective of the payment service providers for the application and the user as well. We realize this is already in the functioning and are looking forward to launch this out in the coming period.”

Zomato, at present, allows users to forfeit for their food by using net banking, credit & debit cards, cash on delivery, and an array of mobile wallet applications.

UPI, which is only a year-old interface, is rapidly mounting in popularity. As per the Reserve Bank of India, UPI transactions have attained a volume of 10.2 Million in June, up from that in May (9.2) and April (6.9). In the previous week, support for UPI payments was introduced by Uber on its platform. Also, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Google have been functioning with NPCI to roll out UPI-based payments products in their applications, according to individuals who are familiar with the subject. Also, the rival of Zomato, Foodpanda is looking forward to introducing UPI, but not with pressing effect.

In the coming few months, several international and Indian companies are expected to add UPI support on their respective platforms. At this time, numerous services depend on wallet applications to enable paying by their users seamlessly, with no resorting to OTPs and passwords linked to card use in India. Soon, they will have little grounds to not support UPI on their interface.

So, what is your opinion regarding the same? Which more platforms do you seek to add UPI support in future?

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