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YouTube is Preparing to announce ad-free subscriptions

After 10 years of free service, now YouTube is planning to initiate premium services for the paid users. By using the premium service, users will be free from the annoying advertisement, while playing the video in YouTube.  The long-awaited subscription service from the YouTube will be released very soon. YouTube has sent emails to the content creators to accept “terms ...

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Facebook 360 vs YouTube 360: Social Vs Search

Recently, Discovery Channel embraced 360 degree videos on Facebook. So, Shark Week got a little scary as the users are allowed to dip in shark infested water. Being the latest frontier of these interactive videos, Discovery Channel scored over a million views. YouTube had embraced Facebook 360 degree videos back in March and its score was recorded as 755000 views ...

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Reason Why Twitter is moving towards Polls

It’s a good news for the Twitter Users. Now, Twitter has made the huge experiment and brought us a new feature called as Polls. Twitter developers cracked the codes and finally brought us a most awaited feature of the Twitter fans. In the war of social media, Twitter and Facebook keep on upgrading their features in such a way that ...

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Facebook finally discovered the importance of ‘Notes’ and revamped it

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has relaunched ‘Notes’ which hitherto had been receiving step motherly treatment from FB’s developers who were (and perhaps still are) more focused on rivalling against YouTube by turning FB into a video content website. Remember Oculus and VR experiments that are on-going in FB labs? However, it seems that this time around FB’s bosses have chosen a ...

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Advantage of new chip-based credit cards

The scenario of swiping the card while paying for your shopping or any POS will be changed soon. A new chip based credit card is starting to rollout everywhere, and it can be directly inserted instead of swiping them for payment.  The newest version of chip-based credit cards are quite impressive, and they look similar to the older credit cards. ...

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Finally, Google allows us to block emails

Today, the search engine giant announced that the Gmail account users can now easily block emails from unwanted email addresses, which are blocked by the users. Yes, now users can block email address and receive all emails except those email ids, which are really blocked. On Tuesday, Google officially announced that the users can now block emails and the blocked ...

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Apple’s WatchOS 2 release got delayed due to Bug


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)  launched its Apple Watch with WatchOS, which allows the users to access various applications right away from the Apple Watch. The next major update for the WatchOS operating system is delayed, since it has many bugs present in it. Apple Inc. mentioned in a statement regarding the delay as, “We have discovered a bug in development ...

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