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Moto X Pure Edition Vs. Google Nexus 6: Which One to Buy

With the launching of the Moto X Pure Edition (X Style outside the U.S.) on September 15 by Motorola, the phone is compared with the last years’ release, Google Nexus 6 which was also designed by Motorola. This comparison keeps sprouting up the differences between the designs of the same company over a period of a year and hence is ...

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Motorola Moto X Pure: Design, Camera, Battery and More

Motorola’s newly announced flagship, Motorola Moto X Pure/Style is a serious contender to all the other smartphones in the segment. As it appears to be a perfect blend of power and price, the device attracts the global consumers automatically. The device is being distributed as an unlocked phone directly from Motorola and is capable to work with all major U.S. Carriers ...

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