Time for the Re-Launch of Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017 Has Come

Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017

Do you remember the first mobile phone you purchased? If it was Nokia 3310, then it’s time for you to relive your moments because the phone is back into the market. Nokia had launched this phone in 2000, the beginning of modern age of mobiles. It’s one of the most resilient, loved, and long battery life mobile with a completely indestructible body.

 Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017

The phone can be purchased at just about €59 on the Amazon site – a marketplace and not through the company itself. The site mentions most of its basic features for instance the phone has games such as Snake II, Space Impact, Bantumi and Pairs II; clock; calculator; and ten reminder storage capacity. For all the Android, Windows, and iPhone users, there’s something that can get you smiling—the game Snake is now available for downloading. These features have let the phone become one of the most reliable and long lasting phones ever made.

The Nokia could not match up to the era of smartphones and ended being sold to Microsoft. However, since then its try to get back its brand by making new versions of the phones. For now, the HMD Global has brought the rights for the name “Nokia”. The Finnish company is now selling the new mobile phones such as Nokia 3, 5, and 6 at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Thus, the new versions will be somewhat similar to the smartphones but will still retain the low prices which will in turn boost its sale.

It’s time for Nokia to hit the 2017 market.###