Sony rolls MHC-V90DW audio system

Sony declared a fresh inclusion to its lineup of audio system, the MHC-V90DW. The company rolled out the device with a price tag of Rs 65,990. The latest MHC-V90DW is roughly same to the Sony MHC-V50D but merely little taller, with a height of 170 Cm. This big device is chiefly developed to supply service to larger rooms and bigger venues.

The MHC-V90DW assures impressive output of audio with 2000 W. It sports a Spread Sound Generator that is on the whole fitted to make sure the distance and spread of music with high quality. These mid-range front-facing angled speakers are positioned at 20 degrees for equivalent spread of music with high quality. The MHC-V90DW arrives with Gesture Control that will permit consumers to just shake their hands to handle as well as control the speaker. The motion control will assist consumers to change music tracks with a simple right and left shake of their handset. You can even link a Guitar to the device and also utilize the Karaoke Mode.


The MHC-V90DW also backs music services such as Spotify comprising Chromecast of Google. The “easy to use” touch board is backlit and the device is equipped party lights. These lights modifies as per the beats of music that is being played. They are located at the rear to make a special ambience. It can play music wireless (through Wi-Fi) via other well-matched mobile apps including Sony Music Center. Different connectivity chokes also comprise Bluetooth, USB, NFC, Auxiliary cable, DVD, as well as HDMI out. The speaker is also splash as well as dust proof. As the device arrives with handle bar and wheels, it is simpler to move it around the home as per your handiness.

The speaker will be obtainable at all different chief electronic retail as well as all Sony Centers stores all over the country. Well, the new Sony MHC-V90DW is indeed a “kick ass” device that is equipped and integrated with loads of features. The high quality music and the party lights, which change as per the beats of the music will boost the sale in the market.###