Pappadavada: Restaurant at Kochi taking efforts for preventing wastage of food


Now days, there exists a lot of mechanism imbalances around us related to any issue such as pollution, food etc. These imbalances are abundant, affecting almost every layer of the society worldwide. Uncontrolled usage by few edges resulted into shortage for many. There is already a big problem of shortage of water facing whole world. Increasing population affects the nature at extreme stage, due which the crop production reduces. It is very important to rescue the wastage of these environmental sources for future aspects.

By taking initiative Minu Pauline, owner of a restaurant in Kochi, Kerala (India), has set a brilliant example by devising a novel way to check food shortage. “Every day there was a huge quantity of food getting wasted at my restaurant. I was shocked to see the amount that went into trash cans. One day as I was heading back home, I saw a homeless person looking for bits of food in the garbage can, I felt so guilty I can’t even begin to explain. I then thought of a way to check food wastage at my end,” shared Minu.

There is one fully-operational refrigerator outside the Kallur restaurant wherein all leftover food can be stored and picked up by whoever is hungry. According to the Minu Pauline, “People have been extremely supportive of the initiative”. The food stored in refrigerator is examined by the owner of the resto.

According to Minu, family parties or gatherings usually end with tons of food getting wasted. Many of her patrons neatly pack these food items and keep them in the refrigerator. She has everyone mark their food parcels with the date when the food was cooked, so that food spoilage can be kept into consideration. “Usually all parcels are finished within hours, at the end of the day it is free food, why will it ever get carried on to the next day? I usually keep at least 50 food packets from our end, then there are others who contribute and all of this gets picked up in just a span of hours,” noted Ms. Pauline.