LIC sure enough that good days will be back

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India is sure enough that the meeting room fight at Infosys would result to improved days. This is because Infosys carries on with a fresh Chief Executive who can carry both the staff and promoters along with a dream to conquer technological confronts. LIC is the 2nd-largest shareholder in the firm.

It had obtained an extra 2% share in Infosys over a period of 3 Years concluding ion February 2017, making its entire stake holding in the company to 7.03%. “We are observing the condition and at the same period we have assurance in the leadership of the company,” claimed a Senior Executive of LIC to the media on conditions of secrecy. The executive further added that it was unlucky that a person (a stranger) was causing so much impact on the firm. “No person must try to become superior as compared to the organization,” he further added to his statement. LIC did not replied to any mail looking for answers.

Last week, Infosys declared buyback of shares worth 11.3 Crore or 4.92% of equity fund at the rate of 1,150 per piece. “We are not yet come to a decision whether to tender our stakes in the buyback,” claimed the official. Infosys will be investing 13,000 Crore for buyback. Infosys was on buying list of LIC for this month and acquired extra shares late in the previous week. “We have been acquiring Infosys this month and will carry one to obtain more,” claimed the executive in his statement.

After Vishal Sikka resigned out as Chief Executive, Infosys dropped to 923.10 by 9.6% on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The drop made a loss of 22,480 Crore in investor fund last week. The firm had a market value of almost 212,033 Crore at the end of last week. “It has come to the notification of the panel that a memo authored by the founder of Infosys, Narayana Murthy, has been rolled out to the media houses assaulting the integrity of the panel blaming the unsuccessful corporate governance measures in the firm,” claimed Infosys to the exchange in a filing.###