Facebook Acquires AI Startup Ozlo

Facebook Acquires AI Startup Ozlo

Facebook recently closed down one of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) networks since chatbots disobeyed the algorithms generated by human and commenced communicating in their own language. It has now obtained Ozlo, an AI startup, to improve its personal assistant for Messenger.

The 4-year-old startup is based in California and specializes in understanding conversations based on texts. Its claims that its virtual assistants can recognize and give answers to questions that do not have straightforward “yes” or “no”.

Facebook Acquires AI Startup Ozlo

“By amalgamation with Facebook that shares our vision and our values, we will be allowed to carry on to operate and create experiences fueled by machine learning and artificial intelligence,” a post on website of Ozlo read late last week.

Ozlo has lifted $14 Million from a lot of investors. The business enterprise has 30 workers, bulk of whom will be joining Messenger in offices of Facebook in either Seattle (Washington) or Menlo Park (California).

“They are just going to be operating with Messenger to carry on their work with machine learning and artificial intelligence,” claimed a Facebook spokesperson to the media in a statement. The financial policies of the acquirement were not revealed.

Earlier this month, Facebook and Google made a decision to take part in the “Internet-wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality” protest planned in the U.S. for next month. Being organized by advocacy groups Free Press, Fight for the Future, and Demand Progress, the “Day of Action” has already got back from Netflix, Amazon, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), amongst others.

“The protest is being organized in opposition to the recent regulatory behavior from the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that fear for open Internet advocates might roll back decades of legislative growth,” a report claimed last week. “The participation of Facebook and Google could be a factor that could change the game since their websites are visited by millions and a note from them might assemble new resistance to the plan by FCC,” the report further added.

Rounding up all this, let us see if Facebook will make some noteworthy changes in the coming future.