Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

No one can predict the next moves in any business competitions. It isn’t newly heard about a company acquiring or merging or investing in the other company. But it sounds strategically smart if the news is about smart investment in different technologically developed firms with an urge to acclimatize the development.

The automobile giant BMW made an investment in a VR-based training company, STRIVR Labs.

STRIVR is an enterprise which delivers a performance training based on VR and AR in various fields and departments such as sales, operations, safety, and others. The firm provides end-to-end solution which includes content capture to assessment and delivery of the content training through VR headsets comprising Oculus and Samsung gear.

BMW’s interest in STRIVR cannot be defined in one go; the company stated that the service is completely different concept and has changed the process of employee training and business experience. It can be used as sci-fi method to prepare the employees and develop their skills for manufacturing jobs. The customers can actually explore BMW products without walking down the showroom.

Christian Noske, partner at BMW i Ventures said “we notice STRIVR as one of the distinctive performers in VR and is very eager to develop its future”.

However, this isn’t the only investment the auto giant has been dealing with, as the funding is been diversified in various fields such as car sharing, intermodal transports, navigation, e-mobility, and parking. Some of the partnerships of BMW i Ventures with latest innovating firms involve Life360, Chargemaster, Stratim, Nauto, Scoop, and Zendrive.

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