Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

A major update has been announced to its mobile search results pages. Now, whenever your search results will show up a video, a silent 6-second clip will be shown to you by Google to assist you to decide if it is the actual video you wish to see.

This will function for the most of the videos at present on the web, comprising, but not restricted to, YouTube. Certainly, as Director of product management of Google, Emily Moxley, said that any video existing on the web is entitled to inclusion, even if Google may not have a preview for few of the latest videos existing yet as it requires a bit of time for servers to create the previews.

Videos, nowadays, are becoming more popular, but it is also evident that it is not the most suitable means to receive information always. A thumbnail is not going to provide you a lot of data regarding what the actual video is going to appear like, after all.

Now, the new update will enable searches in Chrome or Google app of Android to present a small preview of every video. Preferably, the new feature of Google will eliminate at least few of this uncertainty so the user knows that they won’t be splurge time on some boring gongoozling video when they are hunting for the real thing. The canonical example of Google includes searching for salsa dancing videos. Few videos might merely present you experts at work, whereas others will in fact tutor you the steps.

Predictably, machine learning techniques were used by Google to implement this feature. That is because the initial 6 Seconds of video are not generally the most representative ones. So company’s algorithm essentially explores the complete video and then chooses which 6-second clip to select.

The sneak peeks will be displayed on Wi-Fi only by default and one can opt-out through settings for both the Google Chrome as well as Google app for Android, if they do not want to use mobile data. However, it is not known whether this feature will be available on the desktop as the company is said to be focusing on its mobile users for now.

So, what is your opinion regarding the introduction of 6-seconds preview in search results?

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