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Nowadays, there are so many technologies available in this world. Especially the human brain memory is required to the entire internet. The brain has an ambitious set of goals that involves improving tools using for recording as well as manipulating brain circuits in both disease and health. The technology are used to the human brain may be able to keep as much more information in its memory as is contained on the entire internet. A classical computer that codes information such as 0s and 1s and they are used to several brain cells in different ways like that bits. It is simply used to calculate that the brain can used to store the information. Terry sejnowski said that this is a real bombshell in the field of the neuroscience. This measurement is used to calculate the brain memory capacity by a factor. Yet, the human brain can store the memory or information while slipping power to run a dim light bulb which is used to store more information while using this technology.

Uses of Amazing computer:

The human brain can store this mind blogging several amount of information or records while using this slipping just enough power to run a dim light bulb. By compare, computer are used with the memory as well as processing power which is required only the one giga watt of power or basically the nuclear power station are only required to 20 watts said tom bartol neuroscientists at the Salk institute. In particular, the team wanted to take a hippocampus. Basically, brain is very essential part of human body which is plays a key role in learning as well as short term memory.  Bastol said you could fit 20 of these samples in the width of a single human hair. By combining that data with use of signal detector theory which is dictates on how diverse two signals can be before can detect a difference between them. From there, they can calculate accurately on how much information can be transmitted between any two neurons and store data values 0 and 1s codes.

Features of brain memory and its incredibly efficient:

 It is also used to shed light on how the brain stores information while using the fairly active. However, the body is highly precise in translating those signals using the physical structures and it is more efficient better than a computer. Most of its heavy lifters are not using anything most of the time. But, the average brain cell is an inactive in 80 percent in an specific time which still do not explain why a computer needs 50 million times of more energy to the same task as a human brain. It is one of the main part of the story may have to do with biochemistry works compared to how electrons work in a computer. Computers are using to electrons to do the measurements and electrons flowing in a wire make use of a heat which gives more efficient. You want to enhance the more brain then use an incredibly internet and you will get the brain memory.

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