Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

WhatsApp is now used by more than a billion people in the world. When a piece of software is being used so much, it needs to keep evolving to maintain a steady growth. Sometime back, it was rumored that WhatsApp is building a call back button, zip files sharing support and voicemail. These rumors indicate that WhatsApp is constantly trying to improve its product so that most people would love it. A recently leaked report says that the company is trying to bring video calls, NFC support and even group invites to its app.


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As per AndroidPolice, the video calling feature will be launched pretty soon but we are unsure about whether it will be only for beta users, invited users or for everyone at once. The leak which happened a few days ago also says that group invites can be sent through links or even NFC tags. This would truly be a great feature along with the ability to invite users to a limited member group.

The callback facility like we have seen in the FB Messenger is said to be included in WhatsApp through which a user can see the missed calls in the notifications and thus can call back to those people. This will just be like our normal phone calls and improve the overall experience of the calling feature.

If the rumors are to be believed and video calling is truly coming to WhatsApp, it would be great to connect with our friends and family over video calling. These new features by the company are sure to make more people inclined towards WhatsApp and make them use the app more than its other competitors like Hike, WeChat, FB Messenger and Google Hangouts among other.

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