Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat application of modern times having more than one billion users. Facebook already bought WhatsApp last year and was one of the biggest international deals in 2015. Facebook is already working on enhancing the features of WhatsApp. We had already seen the encryption feature enhancing the security of messages.

According to TOK, You would be able to use WhatsApp features like text messaging, file sharing etc through your PC. Though WhatsApp can be used on PC with the help of emulators, but this is going to be an official release. This information is spreading widely on the internet that WhatsApp might be working on the launch of a fully-fledged desktop application for Mac and Windows OS.

A Twitter account not associated with WhatsApp has been tracking few changes in WhatsApp beta builds. A tweet with images having relative references to WhatsApp desktop application has been made by that account.


WhatsApp can be used in PC through your browser, but it is an inconvenient method and limited too. If you wish to use WhatsApp web client then your phone should be connected to the internet. Also, this way requires the browser to remain open always.

A full-fledged desktop application will make it possible to use important features of WhatsApp like document sharing, voice calling, and text messaging without requiring your smartphone to be connected to the internet. It will also remove the need of browser window to be open all the time. WhatsApp will soon be rolling features like zip file sharing and voice mail for iOS and Android devices.

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