Sat. Aug 20th, 2022

WhatsApp, the Facebook acquired popular app has introduced a desktop app that will be available for both Mac and Windows platforms. The desktop client of WhatsApp will be offering similar features & shortcuts as offered by WhatsApp for Web.

One of the biggest differences will be that the desktop version of WhatsApp will not depend on its mobile version for communicating platform. WhatsApp is rolling out constant updates ever since it has been acquired by the biggest social networking platform – Facebook. The latest update was the encryption update encouraging a secured instant messaging platform by WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has stated in a blogpost that they will be introducing their desktop app today. So, you can have a new way to stay connected anytime – whether you are on phone or computer at work or home. Just like the WhatsApp web, its desktop application is going to be the extension of users’ smartphone. This app will mirror your conversations from device to computer desktop client.

You can visit WhatsApp blog from desktop browser in order to download its desktop client. WhatsApp web menu can be navigated through ‘Settings’. So, get ready to experience the all new WhatsApp desktop client and stay in touch with your colleagues and friends from just anywhere.

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